Cambridge Public School 19th Main, 25th 'A' Cross HSR Extn, II Sector Blr-34

My Achievement in 2009

It was a great day and achievement of the year 2009, awarded YELLOW BELT VIIth Q, from KEN - EL-MABUNI Shito-Ryo Karate School of India (R) affiliated with Governing Councils all India Shito-Ryo Karate Association, approved by souke Ken-EL-Mabuni head of the shito Family, Governor WSKF, and recognized by All India Karate Do Federation. The Technical Director & Examiner was Renshi R Ganesh and the Chief Instructor is Sir. Mahendra. The exam was conducted at New Horizon Public School, Bangalore on 12th May 2009. (Video, Photos)


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